Griffin Counsel P.C.

This eBook analyzes Multistate Bar Examination (“MBE”) data over many years and from schools of varying strength. Although focusing on the top 14 (“T14”) law schools its observations apply to law schools generally. Among its key features is its analysis of New York and California bar data, the nation’s most popular and challenging, respectively, and specifically how the MBE thresholds in those jurisdictions stratify the T14. It also illustrates that regardless of a bar examinee’s law school or law school performance, his MBE performance is the most valid measure of his ability, ranking him within his law school, his state, and nationally. The book ranks the T14 schools by estimated MBE scores and shows why the very high ranks afforded certain law schools by some well-known publications are questionable, and the lower ranks assigned lesser-known schools are undeserved. Includes the essays America’s Top Law Schools Ranked by the Multistate Bar Examination (2023) and What is a ‘Low’, ‘Average’, or ‘High’ MBE Score. 237 pages including charts with calculations. Price: $60.00